Passive income with the use of decentralized finance

Most people who have invested in cryptocurrencies in the past or in the last year do not know what to do with them or where they could store them safely. There is a range of options here to keep your funds safe and get passive rewards at the same time. Among all the different ways to generate passive income with your crypto assets, staking and yield farming are in the spotlight. Which earning strategy is better depends on the individual and their requirements.

Creating value through NFTs

“Non-fungible tokens” or NFTs are a hot topic of conversation this year. Some claim that it is an inflated balloon, while others are of the opinion that the next Mona Lisa will be issued right on the blockchain, in the form of an NFT. For many, this is something unimaginable, but considering the digital transformation in the world, many agree that the Internet is missing one of the fundamental building blocks of society – the concept of personal property. How do NFTs intend to solve this problem?

(Detailed) basic analysis of financial market


Trading with cryptocurrencies, like other financial assets, has recently gained in popularity. The vast majority start their trading with the intention of making a quick profit and do not realize that it is a long term game. Analyzes say that after one year only 10% of traders remain in this business and of these, only 20% manage to survive to the third year. So the real challenge is to hold on and trade until you start making a profit.